New cover crop:

Where necessary, the soil between the rows of vines has been loosened in recent weeks so that new cover crop can be sown. This protects against erosion during heavy rains and provides shade on hot summer days. Vetches and various types of clover also collect nitrogen from the air and thus naturally improve the supply of nutrients for the vines. The diverse range of flowers creates a playground for bees and insects and increases the biodiversity in the vineyard ecosystem.

Watering the young vines:

Old vines, with their well-developed root system, can survive longer periods of drought relatively easily. Young vineyards, on the other hand, are happy about every drop of rain, which is why we support the freshly planted vines with targeted watering.

Planting new vines:

Not all vines become ancient. Therefore, year after year, we check our vineyards for missing spots and supplement them with young vines.